Tips for a Younger Face

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No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop aging. You can, however, make yourself look younger. People tend to turn to plastic surgery as a quick fix for reversing signs of aging, but have you considered how your mouth makes you look? As we age, our mouths undergo changes. If these changes occur when you are young, due to poor oral care, you can appear older. At-home skin care, a bright smile, and healthy teeth can make you look years younger.

Skin Tips

Stay hydrated: You can supplement your skin’s moisture with lotions and creams, but drinking plenty of water naturally keeps your skin soft.
Wash your face before bed: Dirt and bacteria accrued during the day irritates skin and clogs pores while you sleep. Washing your face before you sleep removes the day’s layer of grime and keeps your skin healthy, longer.
Beware the sun: The most damage your skin sustains comes from overexposure to the sun. To keep your skin looking young, use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Without protection, wrinkles and sunspots can develop in as little as 12 weeks.

Younger Looking Teeth

Your mouth can drastically alter your appearance, if you haven’t taken care of your teeth. Missing or damaged teeth can make you look older than your actual age. Gum recession and discolored teeth, both of which naturally occur later in life, can alter your appearance for the worse, as well. Your dentist can help you in your quest to fight the effects of aging. Simply keeping up with your six-month checkups will help deter gum disease, which can lead to early gum recession and tooth loss. If you need your mouth restored after years of neglect, your dentist can offer dental implants to fill spaces and restorations to repair damage. In addition, professional teeth whitening can eliminate stains to bring your smile back to a youthful look.

Turn Back Time with Your Dentist

At Stensland Dental Studio, we offer services that can improve your oral health and make you look younger. By replacing a missing tooth, whitening discolored teeth, or treating gum disease at our Williamsburg dentist office, you can reverse signs of aging. Call (757) 645-4055 to schedule an appointment.

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