First Dental Visit for Kids

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You’ve taught her how to brush her teeth. You’ve talked about making good food choices to keep her smile healthy and beautiful. Now it’s time to take your little one to her very first visit to the dentist. At Stensland Dental Studio, Dr. Steve Stensland and his friendly staff look forward to visits from our youngest patients. We have created a fun, encouraging environment where children enjoy taking an active role in their dental health.

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Kids love our waiting room! We keep our playroom stocked with building blocks, trains, puzzles, and video games so your little one can have fun while she waits. Once inside our comfortable exam rooms, Dr. Stensland will inspect your child’s teeth. If he identifies areas where demineralization, the first stage of tooth decay, has occurred, he may want to place sealants on the affected teeth. Made of a thin layer of protective plastic, dental sealants help protect your child’s enamel from further decay. Dr. Stensland will also gently brush her teeth. Finally, he will apply a fruity-flavored fluoride treatment to your little one’s teeth to help strengthen the enamel.

The Importance of Choosing a Kid Friendly Dentist

Children’s visits to the dentist serve two primary purposes. First, an experienced children’s dentist can identify the early signs of problems such as demineralization, cavities, and gum disease. He can also recognize crowding, spacing, and bite issues that may necessitate orthodontic therapy in the future. Second, regular visits to a friendly dentist in an upbeat office environment help your child build positive associations with taking care of her teeth. We also understand that many young children might feel nervous about what might happen during an appointment. We treat our anxious young patients with compassion and respect so they can feel at ease throughout the visit.

Helping Your Child Feel Good About Visiting the Dentist

We see your child’s oral health as a team effort. We work with parents and children in the office, and we encourage parents to work with their children at home. Helping your child feel excited about visiting the dentist can involve something as easy as watching a fun video online or reading a book about all the things that happen during a trip to the dentist. You can even enlist older siblings to help build a sense of excitement and wonder. We promise to do our part by creating a positive environment where children can feel as comfortable asking questions as they do playing with blocks in the playroom.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Williamsburg Dentist

Dr. Steve Stensland and the Stensland Dental Studio team have the clinical experience and caring chair side manner that both parents and children can appreciate. To schedule your child’s next visit to Stensland Dental Studio, call us at (757) 645-4055. Our 23188 dentist office proudly provides dental services to the entire Williamsburg, VA community.

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