Closing Gaps Between Teeth

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gaps between teeth

Uniqueness is a quality that is not very desirable when it comes to a smile. Most smiles deemed beautiful look very similar. Teeth are straight, properly spaced, and a bright white color. Therefore, if you have a gap between your teeth, chances are that you are unhappy with this unique feature of your teeth. You may even be self-conscious about the gap, finding ways to hide your smile whenever possible. But don’t worry. If you want that gap covered, cosmetic dentistry offers a couple of treatments that can close the gap and beautify your smile.

Veneers Have Your Gap Covered

One way to improve the appearance of a gap is with the application of dental veneers. Made of thin shells of porcelain, veneers attach to the front surface of teeth to mask a variety of cosmetic problems including pitted teeth, stained teeth, misshapen teeth, crooked teeth, and crowded teeth. Veneers are attached to teeth with dental cement, after minimal tooth preparation, keeping them bonded firmly in place. They are also durable and stain resistant, meaning that your new smile will last for years to come.

Dental Bonding and Gaps

Small gaps can also be repaired with dental bonding, a process which can reshape teeth to fill gaps. Dental bonding applies a composite resin to teeth. The resin is color matched to the tooth in question for seamless cosmetic results, and then the resin is sculpted into the desired shape and hardened with a curing light. Once the tooth is hardened, the finishing touches are made to the shape, and the tooth is polished. The newly shaped tooth or teeth cover the gap, leaving patients with gap-free smiles they can be proud of.

Gap Repair with Your Williamsburg Dentist

Don’t let a gap in your teeth keep your smile under wraps. Smiling more often can improve your mood and infect the people around you with happiness. By contrast, smiling less often can allow negative emotions to linger, lowering the quality of your life. So if your teeth are bringing you down, call our Williamsburg dentist office at 757-645-4055 today to schedule an appointment or a consultation and begin the restoration of your smile.

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