Reshaping a Malformed or Chipped Tooth

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chipped tooth

A chipped tooth can come out of nowhere. Waking one morning, you could yawn and stretch and make your way before the mirror when suddenly you notice a small piece of your tooth has gone missing. In cases of bruxism, or teeth grinding, a tooth can suffer structural damage, leading to a chipped tooth or even a broken tooth during the night. In other cases, an unexpected blow to a tooth could cause it to chip. Whatever the cause, the first question that will likely come to mind upon discovering a chipped tooth is how to fix it. That’s where dental bonding and dental contouring come into play.

Dental Bonding

If a significant part of the tooth is missing dental bonding can repair the damage quickly and effectively. To repair a tooth with dental bonding, a composite resin is first applied to the damaged tooth. The resin is then shaped and later hardened with a curing light. Then the tooth is polished, completing the procedure. The resin used for dental bonding is matched to the color of the damaged tooth for outstanding cosmetic results. It is also very durable when hardened, allowing for a long-lasting and functional repair.

Dental bonding can also be used to reshape a malformed tooth. Sometimes, a small change can have dramatic results in a smile. In the case of a misshapen tooth, dental bonding can give the tooth the perfect shape to set the finishing touches on a smile.

Dental Contouring

If the damage to a tooth is miniscule, dental contouring may be a good option for repairing it. Dental contouring scrapes away a small portion of enamel to smooth any chips in the tooth’s surface. This process can also remove imperfections in the shape of a malformed or misshapen tooth, resulting in a flawless smile.

Repairing a Chipped Tooth with Your Dentist

If you chip a tooth, don’t succumb to panic. With dental bonding and dental contouring, your tooth can be repaired quickly with outstanding cosmetic results. Call our Williamsburg dentist office at 757-645-4055 today to schedule an appointment and begin the restoration of your smile.


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