These Foods May Be Harming Your Teeth

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Snacking: with the recent increase in diabetes and childhood obesity, it might just be America’s favorite pastime. Thanks to innovations in packaging, consumers are bombarded with convenient, ready-to-eat options as they make their way through grocery store aisles.

Variety is a spice of life, but sadly, snacking has developed into an endless frenzy of carbohydrate and sugar consumption. Beverage, potato chip, and candy companies all seem to roll out new products each season that are increasingly hazardous to teeth.

Pour Some Sugar on Me…But Not on My Teeth!

It’s no secret that soft drinks contain sugar. The large amount of sugar contained within a typical soda often drives people to explore seemingly healthier options to protect their teeth. However, enamel-destroying acid is in many drinks, including sports and energy drinks, and both diet, and regular soft sodas. Tooth enamel cannot be fully regenerated, and subjecting teeth to acid attacks can leave enamel soft and vulnerable to decay.

The effects of sugar and harmful acids can be reduced by simply consuming acidic beverages in one sitting, instead of sipping them throughout the day. Prolonged exposure increases the rate at which enamel demineralizes. Also, consider brushing your teeth about twenty minutes after drinking harmful beverages. Brushing will help remove harmful particles from your teeth, and the wait time will ensure that you don’t spread acid to other parts of your teeth.

Raisins, They Seem Sweet, but Beware!

Munching on chocolate-covered raisins is fun and delicious, but leads to cavities. Dried fruit is infamous for getting stuck between teeth. People will turn to dried-fruit candy as a healthy alternative to a Snickers bar, but little do they know, their teeth are paying for it!

If you’re in the mood for sweet fruit, reach for an apple instead. Although apples contain natural sugar, they also stimulate saliva flow and aid in removing excess food particles.  Be sure to brush about twenty minutes after eating an apple to remove any sugar clinging to teeth.

Snacking Your Teeth into Oblivion

More potato chips are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, than any other day of the year. Why? It’s all about that addicting habit called snacking. People love to snack on chips throughout the day. However, chips are loaded with carbohydrates and sugars, which exacerbate the effects of oral bacteria.

Acid attacks begin with the first bite of your potato chip. The best way to reduce the potency of acid attacks is to consume the desired amount in one sitting, followed by a thorough tooth brushing and rinse.

Make Your Teeth Happy

Trying to figure out the best way to save your teeth during peak snacking holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving? Find out more information about healthy snacking by contacting Stensland Dental Studio today. Schedule a checkup or consultation by calling (757) 645-4055.

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