No Insurance? We Offer a Solution

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There are plenty of people with limited dental insurance coverage or completely without dental insurance. It’s even harder to find employers who are willing to help pay for dental care as well. At Stensland Dental Studio, we understand that affording regular visits to the dentist could mean the difference between a healthy mouth and a mouth with gingivitis, cavities, periodontal disease, and other oral problems. That’s why we have created the Dental Savers Plan.

What is the Dental Savers Plan?

Although it is not an insurance plan, Our Dental Savers Plan works a little like insurance. For $325 a year, an individual receives exams including oral cancer screenings twice a year, x-rays as needed, and semiannual cleanings which include fluoride treatments. Compared to the average insurance plan, the savings amount to a 30% annual discount.

Should a patient require additional care, a 15% discount is applied to all other treatments with the exception of orthodontics. While we hope that proper oral care will prevent the need for additional treatments, accidents do happen and additional procedures can be necessary. However, maintaining regular visits to the dentist is the best way to avoid complications in your dental health and reduce the need for additional treatment.

Additional Perks

To reward our patients who join our Dental Savers Plan, we’re offering $500 off two products, Six Month Smiles and Invisalign, which may help patients who are looking to straighten their teeth. Many of our patients without insurance have already signed up for the Dental Savers Plan and are receiving the best dental care at a lower price.

If you’re new to Stensland Dental Studio, we don’t expect you to believe that we’re a quality practice just because we tell you. Look at what others say about us! Here’s what one of our long-time patients had to say:

“To keep it simple: these people “get it”. They consistently provide the best in medical care as well as customer service. It is a culture that has been established at the top and has been well maintained through the years since the practice has been in existence. Expect the best in dental care; they set the bar.” ~Francis B.

If it’s time to get back on track with your dental care and you want to save on care for you and your family, give us a call at (757) 645-4055 or contact us online to discuss our Dental Saver Plan and enroll today!

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