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It’s easy to tell in your first visit with Francine that she’s a seasoned professional – almost 20 years experience as a Dental Hygienist. She is thankful to have the opportunity to develop relationships with her patients while educating them on their dental health. In particular, her favorite procedure is Scaling and Root Planing as she feels it is the most challenging and rewarding procedure. Performing this periodontal therapy allows her to be a part of a patient’s transformation to a healthy mouth. In addition to her fulfilling occupation, she also attests to the compassion and hard work of her co-workers. Francine and her co-workers are able to strike a good balance between having fun at work and maintaining professionalism. It’s no wonder she is so good at instilling harmony in an office full of females – she has successfully raised 4 beautiful daughters! And on top of that, she was blessed with her first grandson in October.

Q&A with Francine

In my free time, I enjoy:
Spending time with family and friends. Anything from a cup of coffee, long talks, walks on the beach to participating in races.

My proudest moment is:
Completing the 12-mile obstacle course called the Tough Mudder. I was among a team of incredible people, including one of my daughters and Dr Steve!

My most embarrassing career moment is:
The first week I worked at SDS we had gone out to lunch. I put my purse on the back of the chair. Due to the weight of my purse, the chair tipped over. Needless to say, I ended up in the ground instead of in the chair. Great ice breaker.

Be on the lookout for more posts in our “DIGGING DEEPER” series – highlighting members of the SDS Team individually, with bios, Q&As, and other fun facts. For more info on Francine, visit https://www.mywilliamsburgdentist.com/staff/francine/

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