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As the newest member of our team, Anamarie has truly risen to the challenge! After over 20 years as a Laboratory Manager and Organic Chemist, she was looking for a career change. Her previous position entailed little interaction with others, so she was looking for a position to let her social side shine through as well as using her highly developed office management skills. Stensland Dental was the perfect fit!  She loves the opportunity to chat with patients and her bubbly personality is contagious! In addition to building relationships with patients, she has already formed close relationships with the staff at SDS.


In my free time, I enjoy:
•    Exercise, exercise, exercise!
•    Watching my sons play lacrosse
•    Beach time!
•    Wine tastings
•    Jamaican vacations with my husband

The thing I like best about my co-workers is:
•    Super easy to work with
•    Friendly
•    Team-players

I am most proud of:
•    Raising 2 great kids
•    Having a good marriage after 26 years
•    Starting a new career after 20+ years

Be on the lookout for more posts in our “DIGGING DEEPER” series – highlighting members of the SDS Team individually, with bios, Q&As, and other fun facts. For more info on Anamarie, visit https://www.mywilliamsburgdentist.com/staff/anamarie/

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  1. We are her neighbors and love her very much! She is the best neighbor anyone could ask for! So make sure you pay her better than average cause she will help your business grow, I saw her do this in her last job! She is not a bad cook or lawn keeper either! Lol

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