Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that reverses discolorations of enamel (the outside layer of tooth structure) to create a whiter, brighter appearance. It does not require anesthesia and no natural tooth structure is lost. We offer both in-office and take-home tooth whitening systems. Sometimes we recommend a combination of both to give you the best results in the least amount of time. Here are the whitening solutions we offer at Stensland Dental:

KöR Whitening

We feel that KöR whitening is the most reliable and effective whitening system ever developed. It is the only recognized whitening system that whitens even tetracycline-stained teeth in a short time and does it with little to no sensitivity. This whitening system works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from its whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving stain molecules. Unlike other whitening methods that require ongoing treatments to maintain the results, KöR whitening is entirely permanent with easy periodic home maintenance. Molds of your teeth will be made to create your own whitening trays. Generally you wear the trays at home for two weeks while you sleep. Depending on Dr. Stensland’s or Dr. Hairston’s recommendations, you may also need a few simple in-office whitening visits.

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Key Benefits of the KöR whitening system:

  • KöR is the only recognized system in the world that will whiten tetracycline (dark) stained teeth, which was previously thought to be impossible.
  • KöR is the first company in the world to continuously refrigerate the whitening gels from the moment of manufacture through delivery to you, ensuring absolute potency and effectiveness. Refrigeration is a key part of the KöR system.
  • With KöR, you whiten while you sleep in total comfort. No need to find time to whiten during your busy day. And KöR-Seal Whitening Trays are so comfortable that most patients wake up in the morning having forgotten the trays are even in their mouths.
  • With easy periodic at-home maintenance, your teeth will stay white permanently, even while you continue to drink red wine, tea, coffee, etc.
  • During the whitening process, the vast majority of patients typically experience very low to no teeth sensitivity at all.
  • The KöR procedure is comfortable and decades of scientific research and millions of whitening cases have proven KöR Whitening is entirely safe for teeth and gums. The result is a radiantly white, natural appearing smile that you will LOVE!
  • The ideal age to whiten is 14. But even if you’re 90, KöR Whitening is effective because KöR rejuvenates the youthful ability of your teeth to absorb oxygen. Oxygen from KöR Whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving stain molecules.

Opalescence by Ultradent

  • This is a budget-friendly, high-quality whitening system. Opalescence is a whitening gel that you wear in custom-made trays. We take impressions of your teeth to make the custom trays and give you the product to take home. Typical treatments last 1 week to 10 days, wearing the trays for 30 minutes a day to overnight depending on what Dr. Stensland or Dr. Hairston recommends. The results typically last several years.

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