TMJ Disorders

TMJ Disorder is a dysfunction of the jaw muscles and joints. Symptoms can be as minor as a slight clicking or popping sensation when opening and closing the mouth, or as serious as a persistent pain extending into the face, neck, and shoulders, affecting posture and mobility.

Because other types of pain have been shown to mimic TMJ Disorder, a careful and thorough dental and medical evaluation is essential. If your symptoms point to a dental problem, a specially molded bite guard can be created to stop teeth grinding during the night. Dental casts may be required to check the fit (occlusion) of your upper and lower teeth and determine whether they come together correctly. We may also provide advice on relaxation techniques that will lessen the effects of stress. In some cases, medication may be prescribed to manage pain. Most TMJ issues are temporary, lasting only weeks or months – a very small percentage of patients experience long-term discomfort.

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