Dental Quiz for Parents and Kids

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Patient education is one of the major focuses of early dental visits. Teaching kids to care for their teeth properly is of vital importance because that knowledge sets the stage for a lifetime of good oral health. At the same time, parents need to be well-informed so that they are able to guide their children through dental care. So to be sure that you and your child are both on the right track, take this dental quiz from your Williamsburg dentist.

The Quiz

1. True or False: Baby teeth do not require fillings because they will be replaced later in life.
2. True or False: The more often you brush your teeth, the healthier your mouth will be.
3. About how long should you brush your teeth? A) 0-1 minute B) 1-2 minutes C) 2-3 minutes D) 3-4 minutes
4. True or False: Teeth grinding is common in children.

Answer Key

1. False While it is true that baby teeth are not permanent, they still require filings if they suffer from tooth decay. An unfilled cavity can worsen, leading to an infection and tooth loss. An infection can spread around the mouth and throughout the body, resulting in illness. A lost tooth can create further problems because baby teeth act as placeholders for adult teeth. If a baby tooth falls out too early, the surrounding teeth may grow into the vacated area, resulting in orthodontic problems.
2. False Brushing your teeth often is good for bacteria removal. However, if you brush too often, you may actually harm your mouth. Too much abrasion can strip the enamel from teeth, lowering their defenses against tooth decay. Overbrushing can also damage the gums, irritating them and causing them to bleed. Thus brushing twice a day is a good middle ground.
3. C Brushing for 2-3 minutes should give you adequate time to focus on each tooth. Just remember to brush the front, back, and top surfaces of all of your teeth.
4. True Teeth grinding (bruxism) is very common in kids between the ages of three and six and doesn’t often require treatment. However, if your child’s teeth grinding habit occurs well past the age of six, or if he or she complains about sensitive teeth and a sore jaw, seek dental assistance.

Family Dental Care in Williamsburg

Regular attendance of dental visits can help keep your and your child’s mouths healthy. If either of you has not had a dental checkup in the past six months, call our Williamsburg dentist office today at 757-645-4055 to schedule an appointment.

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