Have A Heart Problem? 9 Issues Your Dentist Needs To Know About

Heading to the dentist’s office with a heart-related issue? It’s important to tell your dentist about it! Your mouth and heart are linked in more ways than you might expect – and failing to inform him or her about cardiovascular problems could spell serious trouble. For your health and safety, be sure to let your dentist know if any of … Read More

Nature vs. Nurture: Dental Problems Parents Pass Down To Children

Parents, in particular, want to know: does DNA predetermine dental health? It’s the classic nature vs. nurture question that dentists get asked often, but the answer doesn’t simply boil down to one or the other. The scary truth is that many dental problems are indeed “inherited”–but not from genetics alone! Harmful habits that run in the family can also play … Read More

Toothbrushes 101: How to Choose and Care for Your Toothbrush


When it comes to taking care of your teeth and keeping your smile looking great, your toothbrush plays an essential role. But, how much thought do you actually give to your toothbrush when selecting one or caring for it over time? Probably not much! Choosing the right toothbrush, caring for it, and knowing when to replace it are all essential … Read More

Detoxes, Cleanse… and Dental Problems? Oh My!

harmful foods

Tempted to try something extreme when the scale won’t budge? Be careful. While that diet may help you win the battle of the bulge, it could impact your oral health. Whether it’s the latest craze or a more widely accepted weight loss plan, your chances for tooth decay, gum disease and/or bad breath can increase when you limit the variety … Read More

Receding Gums: Are Your Teeth in Peril?

receding gums

No cavities, no problem, right? Wrong! Even the straightest and whitest of teeth can fall prey to a serious case of receding gums, a common condition that can sneak up and do some damage before many individuals realize it’s even a problem. While a surefire way to detect and treat it is with regular visits to the dentist, meticulous at-home … Read More

5 Ways to Fresher Breath in the Morning

bad breath

Love waking up to the smell of coffee? Think twice before you reach for a cup! Your daily dose of Joe — and other habits that can easily escape your notice — could be giving you a bad case of morning breath. But fear not! Bad breath, or “halitosis”, doesn’t have to ruin your day. Nip the problem in the … Read More

7 Surprising Foods That Are Staining Your Teeth

stain teeth

Wine, coffee and tea–it’s the trifecta of tooth-staining foods that almost everyone knows to avoid in order to protect their pearly whites. These beverages, however, are just the beginning of a long list of foods that can sabotage your smile, and chances are that many are flying undetected right under your very nose! From condiments to candy, put these sneaky … Read More

4 Dental Do’s For Expectant Mothers

pregnant dental

Free up some time in your calendars, moms-to-be! The OB-GYN visits may be coming fast and furious, but believe it or not, there’s someone else you need to be seeing to protect your health and that of your baby: your dentist. All the changes that come with your rapidly growing bump — and perhaps some common, yet misplaced fears — … Read More

Decisions, Decisions: Dentures or Implants?


Picking the right dentist can be hard enough, but if you’ve already chosen your Williamsburg VA dentist, you may be wondering which is better: dentures or implants. You are ready to get your smile back, but which treatment is right for you? For many adults looking to replace missing teeth, the choice typically comes down to dentures versus dental implants — … Read More

Fight Cavities With Flouride!


What is Fluoride? You may have heard that fluoride is added to drinking water in an effort to reduce tooth decay. You might have had fluoride applied to your teeth during your last trip to the dentist. Yet what is it, and how does it prevent tooth decay? Below we explain how fluoride combats cavities. Fluoride: The Element Fluoride is … Read More